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kiss is designed for all users

Intel Media Server Studio Professional Edition Trial version

Innovate fast, high-density media transcoding and accelerate transition to HEVC/UHD with Intel® Media Server Studio Professional Edition.

Intel Media Server Studio Community Edition Trial version

Deliver fast, high-density video with the free Intel Media Server Studio Community Edition.

Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications Trial version

Create, debug, and analyze OpenCL code on Intel platforms.

BCGSuite for MFC 23.2 Free

MFC extension library for creation most advanced user interface

Dev-C++ 5.0 Free

Write and compile C++ programs

Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2016 Trial version

Tune your application’s performance and multicore scalability.

The C# PDF Library 1.0 Trial version

The C# PDF Library is designed for all users

BasicAudio VC++ 5.0.3 Free

BasicAudio is a set of Visual C++ components Allowing audio capture and playback with zero lines of code.

Intel System Studio 2016 Trial version

Increase system performance, power efficiency, and reliability for system and embedded application development.