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Electronic Component & Bill of Materials Management Free

Electronic Component & Bill of Materials Management

ProfiCAD 8.3 Free


ResCalc Master 64bit 1.0.4 Free

All you need for working with resistors.

ProfiCAD 8.2.2 Free


MOBI to PDF Converter 3.0.3 Trial version

MOBI to PDF Converter, Convert MOBI to PDF, MOBI to PDF, Kindle to PDF, Convert Kindle to PDF, AZW to PDF.

NI Multisim 14.0 Trial version

Power and ease of use when designing electronic circuits

Azw to PDF Converter 7.3.2 Trial version

Azw to PDF Converter, Convert Azw to PDF, AZW to PDF Conversion, AZW3 to PDF, AZW4 to PDF

Digital Logic Design 1 Free

Digital circuit designing and simulation

JumboCAD EDA 2 Free

A Schematic and PCB layout software let you create your circuit diagram, simulate your circuit and creat your PCB layout

ResCalc Master 1.0.7 Free

Determines resistor value via color or vice versa, and features many other functions.